Xeros Technology has signed a third licensing deal

Xeros Technology Group PLC on Monday said it has signed a third licensing agreement with a global component manufacturer for its XFilter filtration technology.

The Rotherham, England-based laundry technology developer said that under the terms of the 10-year agreement, the partner is licensed to manufacture and sell filters using Xeros’ XFilter technology. Xeros will receive a royalty for each filter device sold.

The company said its XFilter technology gives customers the ability to capture and safely dispose of more than 90% of microfibres, including microplastics, released during laundry cycles. Xeros noted that legislation in France will require all domestic washing machnes to be fitted with microplastic flters from 2025, with similar legislation being developed in the UK, California and the EU.

Xeros said the licensing partner is a northern European supplier of home appliance components, with production facilities in the UK, Asia and Europe.

The firm signed its first licensing agreement with Hanning Elektro-Werke in June last year and signed its second agreement earlier in March.

Chief Executive Officer Neil Austin said: “The fact that three of Europe’s leading component suppliers have chosen to partner with Xeros clearly demonstrates that Xeros’ XFilter technology is widely regarded and believed in by multiple manufacturers.”

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