Vorwerk’s Kobold VK7 mop-vacuum awarded “Product of the Year 2023”

German household appliance manufacturer Vorwerk  :  its Kobold VK7 multifunction vacuum cleaner -scrubber has received the “Voted Product of the Year” label, which can be affixed to the product box.

Kobold VK7 was reviewed by more than 15,000 consumers , against several competitors, via the research company NielsenIQ. Several criteria were then taken into account, including its  attractiveness , the consumer’s intention to buy  and his perception of the product as an innovation . Products with an above-average rating moved on to a real-life test: the Kobold VK7 was tried and judged by 120 families , who were satisfied.  

For just under €1450, the VK7 prides itself on being cordless , light (about 2kg) and efficient : it can wash 60m² in 10 minutes  thanks to its 2 suction outlets accompanied by a microfiber cloth. The device is also suitable for people with allergies, thanks to its filter bag capturing 99.99% of dust and allergens, according to the German inspection company TÜV Nord. Vorwerk ensures that the VK7 is suitable for all hard floors and offers a 5-year warranty on the device.

This is not the first time that the company has seen one of its products voted “Product of the Year”. Its renowned Thermomix TM6  had already received this label in 2020. The following year, it was the previous iteration of the Kobold vacuum cleaner that had been awarded.

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