Excellent news from America (+11%) and Asia (+16%) but in Europe, where the group generates 60% of its turnover, sales fell by 11% in the fourth quarter and by 10% in the whole of 2022 .De’ Longhi closed 2022 with consolidated revenues of 3.16 million euros, a decrease of 2% compared to 2021. In particular, the bad performance in the fourth quarter (-4%) weighed heavily. At constant exchange rates, i.e. without considering the effect of the euro falling against the dollar and other currencies, 2022 turnover would be 6% lower than that of 2021. De’Longhi, like the whole sector, had a good first semester and then suffered from the weakening of the demand for goods in the European area which represents around 60% of sales. In Europe De’Longhi sold 10% less than in 2021.

All non-European markets performed much better, in particular America (+10.8% to 624 million), the Middle East, India and Africa (+7.9% to 197 million) and the rest of Asia (+15.9% to 464 millions).

“ The fourth quarter performance ”, said the Chief Executive Officer Fabio De’Longhi , “ is a prelude to a possible trend in the margins of the year just closed in line with the high part of our guidance’, which estimated an adjusted EBITDA between 320 and 340 million. For 2023 De’ Longhi sees a year with sales ‘slightly down’, with ‘a second half of a slight recovery’ . The consolidated results will be approved by the board on 13 March.

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