Laifen Takes its High-Speed Hair Dryer to the 2023 CES

Laifen has become one of the fastest-growing brands in the consumer electronics/appliances segment in China and the company looks set to take on the world as it announces plans to present its classic and latest product series, the premium collection, at the upcoming CES Trade Fair. The move follows the success of the brand at IFA in Germany in September 2022.

However, Hongxin Ye, a creative geek and the rest of the team at Laifen, look set to challenge the status quo, a claim substantiated by the release of its revolutionary high-speed hair dryer.

Laifen has practically exploded since its launch, capturing more than 60% of the sales share of the hair dryer market in China. The strong product performance and price advantages are some of the features that have endeared it to Chinese consumers, with the popularization of high-speed motors further tilting the market in favor of the brand.

The Laifen hair dryer is designed with the highest technology to dry any kind of hair in half the time of regular hair dryers, with high precision to work at only 59dB and reduce noise. The portability of the 2022 Editor’s Choice award winner, with a lightweight and compact design that enables it to fit in a regular handbag or suitcase, makes the Laifen High Speed Hair Dryer the ideal companion for everyone.

Laifen will be exhibitinkg at the 2023 CES Trade Fair

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