Dyson investment plan

Dyson reveals the next phase of its five-year, £2.75bn investment plan to develop machines that use software and connectivity to improve themselves. This has been explained by Jake Dyson, the company’s chief engineer, who shows in a YouTube video an update of Dyson’s five-year investment plan that includes products that improve themselves thanks to software and “data science”, allowing solve problems in the machines before the owner is aware of them.

In line with Dyson’s announcement of investment in robotics at the beginning of the year, this new commitment to hire software developers and data scientists reinforces the company’s commitment to its software & connectivity team, which has multiplied by 10 in a decade. .

Led by Jake Dyson, these professionals are working on a new generation of smart products 10-15 years from now.

Hardware, software and connectivity play a key role as Dyson increasingly embeds intelligence into its machines, the MyDyson app and user experience, looking to create self-improving products for the long term. https://youtu.be/Uni7TfoC5e0

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