Small appliances: the Avantspace line is here

After more than 75 years of history, Tognana further expands its offer, proposing its first collection of small household appliances .

The products are part of the Avantspace line , launched in February 2022 and recognizable by the compact and elegant design of the pot battery .

The Avantspace collection of small appliances currently consists of four references: hand blender, electric hand mixer, chopper and vacuum sealer .

What unites the products, in addition to the minimal design, is the power supply mode : they are in fact wireless and rechargeable with a universal USB-C cable . This allows the user greater freedom and mobility in the kitchen: Avantspace small appliances can be used on any worktop, even away from power outlets.

Each recharge lasts about a month with daily use of the product and the battery level is always visible, thanks to the small LED display on the product.

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