Electrolux supplier awards

Electrolux recognized the performance of its top suppliers from around the world at its 10th Supplier Awards event. To share key messages with the suppliers were Electrolux Group leaders including Jonas Samuelson, CEO, Carsten Franke, COO, Ola Nilsson, Chief Experience Officer, Anna Ohlsson-Leijon, Chief Commercial Officer, Vanessa Butani, VP Sustainability, and Filippo Milanese, Chief Purchasing Officer. Among the winners, there is also Sabaf that won the award in the category Consumer Experience Awards – Taste. “Sabaf supplies various gas and electromechanical components for food preparation across all business areas – Electrolux explains –. They have helped to successfully launch a complexity reduction initiative, standardizing the gas burner elements for ranges across all factories and Business Areas and improving supply resilience, quality and cost”. The other winners are: Maersk (Supplier of the Year); Computime (Operational Excellence Awards – Direct Material); e-llis Supply Chain Solutions (Operational Excellence Awards –Service Provider); Plast Group (Consumer Experience Awards – Care); Suzhou Chunju (Consumer Experience Awards – Wellbeing); Ternium (Sustainability Award). “Congratulations to all of these winning suppliers – commented Filippo Milanese –. Whilst they represent diverse industries, from component manufacturing, raw material, equipment, finish product to logistic providers, they all have one thing in common: they excel in operational excellence, sustainability and innovation, which are key to delivering outstanding branded lifetime experiences for our consumers

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