Teka presents its new range of wine cellars that adapt to keep each type of wine in ideal conditions

Teka has presented its latest products

The brand has presented its series of Sommelier wine cellarselectrical appliances with a careful design and the latest technologies to be able to take care of the wine and keep it in the ideal storage conditions. Each type of wine needs to be kept at a specific temperature and that is what the Sommelier wine cellars presented by the brand are looking for. To achieve this, Teka has provided this range of different technologies aimed at achieving the ideal conditions.
The Sommelier range has PerfectTemp technology that allows you to create up to three independent temperature zones so that we can store red, white and sparkling wine in one place, each with precise conditions.
To maintain the temperature, the wine cellars have the SmartControl system so that the temperature does not oscillate more than 1º. In addition, they add the SurroundAir cooling system, which evenly distributes cold air to keep the temperature constant and homogeneous throughout the interior HumidityControl, which maintains the proper humidity level, between 55% and 75%thus preventing the cork from drying out and preserving its quality, and an activated carbon filter, which renews and purifies the air inside.tinted glass door that protects from light and UV rayspreventing the premature aging of the wine and an anti-vibration system that dampens any movement, thus avoiding the fatigue of the wine.

The Sommelier range is available in different sizes and designs designed for three different types of installation: built-in, undercounter and free-standing. In addition, they have reversible doors that allow the wine cellar to be adapted to any space, being able to choose between opening to the right or to the left.

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