New Taurus integral ironing center

Taurus presents its new integral ironing center with Sliding Care Non Stop multi-position board, which allows you to iron both vertically and horizontally and achieve professional results on all types of garments, even the most delicate, in the simplest way.

Sliding Care Non Stop stands out because it has a rotating brush with a heated ceramic base, just like traditional irons, which makes it a 100% effective iron thanks to its temperature and high flow rate of 130 g/min. In this way, the user can choose between ironing vertically or horizontally.

To make the task of ironing even easier, this new ironing center has the Non Stop System refilling system that makes it possible to refill the 2 l removable tank without having to disconnect the ironing center in the middle of the task, for so its autonomy is unlimited.

Iron with minimal effort and eliminate wrinkles and bacteria

The new Taurus ironing center offers seven steam modes and three temperature modes to adapt to all garments with minimal effort. In addition, thanks to its large steam flow of 130 g/min, it is capable of effectively removing wrinkles from any type of garment or fabric, while destroying viruses and bacteria.

As an added value, Sliding Care Non Stop has the patented Lock System for transport and locking by means of which the iron is hooked to the tank, thus facilitating its transport.

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