Hisense new washer range

Hisense bhas launched new models of washing machines from the PureStream line. With the focus on shortening washing cycles, specific programs and energy efficiency, most of the models have the A energy rating.

The new Hisense washing machines have been manufactured following the highest washing and hygiene standards. Designed for large families and with a minimum load of 7 kg, a wide range of programs and functions. The most prominent is the quick wash, which shortens the wash time of any of the programs. The Power Wash program, designed for a light load of not heavily soiled clothes, lasts less than an hour, but activating the quick wash only lasts 32 minutes.

Another interesting feature is the steam function, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria. Available in a selection of Hisense washing machines, this program washes clothes at 60º and, after the wash cycle, completes the cleaning with 20 minutes of steam. These washers soften clothes and leave them wrinkle free. Some models include an Anti-Crease function.

Different programs for different fabrics

Hisense has paid special attention to creating specific programs for each type of fabric, such as jeans, wool, down, baby and pet clothes. Other programs have been improved and updated, such as wool, perfect for wool, silk and other delicate fabrics.

All models incorporate the Pause and Add function, which allows you to stop the cycle and add or remove garments from the drum. Thanks to Inverter technology, these washing machines are quiet and highly efficient, while offering better results and saving energy.

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