WMF new coffee machine

With the “Perfection 800” series, WMF re-entered the segment of fully automatic coffee machines for the private sector at the beginning of this year, and the portfolio will now be expanded in autumn: the two models “WMF Perfection 740” and “WMF Perfection 760” will be released “. As with their predecessors, the two new machines should combine perfect customization options, outstanding coffee quality and exceptional design.

WMF “Perfection 700” series

The new 700 series includes two models that differ in terms of their front optics, the user profiles that can be saved and the customization options that can be set. The 760 model also has preset tea specialties and a premium glass milk container.

The “WMF double thermal block” technology is designed to ensure the highest coffee quality: With this technology, the second thermal block is optimized for heating milk and tea, which is intended to ensure high temperature accuracy, optimal distribution of the heated water and perfect milk froth. The milk system is automatically self-cleaning and thus reliably ensures hygiene. The coffee brewing process starts with the heated water without heat loss – made possible by the “WMF Aroma Perfection” system, which combines a thermoblock and brewing unit: In a patented process, the optimal amount of ground coffee is ground and placed under high pressure in the brewing chamber pressed. In a first step, the ground coffee is pre-brewed with a little water. This is followed by the brewing process with hot water,

The all-encompassing coffee enjoyment experience is rounded off by intuitive operation via a high-resolution TFT touchscreen and a pleasant sound: the “WMF Perfection 700” series has additional damper technology on the pump for this purpose. The solid honeycomb structure of the internal construction also ensures less vibration.

As usual from WMF, the design of the two new machines also catches the eye: both versions impress with the elegant WMF design in matt black made of high-quality plastic with additional Cromargan® elements in silver or black. The front optics of the “WMF Perfection 760” is designed in premium silver, that of the 740 version in black.

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