New president of APPLiA –

Arcelik’s CEO, Hakan Bulgurlu, has been elected as the new president of APPLiA – Home Appliance Europe, the Brussels-based association representing home appliance manufacturers in Europe.

Since 2015, Hakan Bulgurlu has been CEO of Arcelik. He is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s CEO Climate Leaders Alliance and the Amstel Dialogues, an initiative that aims to foster innovation in Europe.

Taking over the presidency from Dr. Peter H. Göetz, Executive VP of BSH Europe and outgoing APPLiA President, Bulgurlu addressed the members of the Association during the APPLiA General Assembly in Sofia. In his commencement speech, Bulgurlu shed light on the great progress made by the sector over the past years. “Commitment and dedication have been the key drivers behind Dr. Göetz’s term, and the scene is now set for a successful cooperation,” he said. Amid the shift to a post-pandemic era and Europe’s economic recovery, the industry is called to face the cross-cutting effects of the impending geopolitical challenges, affecting millions of lives and sectors across Europe and the wider world. This is further aggravated by one of the most pressing issues faced by humankind: climate change. The subsequent increased levels of energy insecurity that come with it call for a prompt energy transformation. “As an Association, we have a huge responsibility in advancing the set energy efficiency goals, to leave our children a better planet,” pointed out Arcelik’s CEO. In this regard, the role of the young generations is crucial “as the present issues will directly affect the lives of the consumers of tomorrow,” he highlighted. This surely represents a challenge, but also a great opportunity, for the home appliance sector to capitalise on the successes achieved so far and continue to actively shape the energy transition.

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