Industrial Grill by R.G.V.

Outdoor or indoor: cooking meat with grill and barbecue is possible both at home and outdoors. The appliance brands offer different types of products ranging from electric to gas models. In both cases, the ideal temperature and a homogeneous heat distribution are quickly reached. They are products designed to avoid generating smoke and feature containers to collect cooking fats. Moreover, solutions of various sizes are available to meet different needs.
Grilling in the kitchen
R.G.V. has created a product suitable for domestic kitchens that combines effectiveness and versatility. Industrial Grill is a device characterized by a power of 2000 Watt, able to heat up to 240°C. The selected temperature is reached quickly and kept constant to obtain the best cooking results. In addition, the appliance can be used both as a contact grill (with 5 adjustment levels based on the thickness of the food to cook), and by opening the two plates at 180 degrees to place the food on both surfaces. Using Industrial Grill is simple: the product is equipped with a timer, an adjustable thermostat and a ready-to-use light that alerts the user when the plates are hot. In addition, the thermoplastic handle allows to lift the lid safely. The cooking oils and fats are then collected in a special tray. Finally, cleaning is facilitated by the non-stick and removable ribbed plates and by a spatula to remove food residues.

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