Philips innovative Air Cookers

What’s cooking? At Philips Domestic Appliances.Announce the launch their most innovative appliance yet: the Philips Air Cooker 7000 Series.

With this new product, nothing else is needed to cook healthier, nutritious food, as it steams, air steams, slow cooks, cooks sous-vide (low temperature, long cooking), bakes, roasts, reheats and defrosts… all in just one single appliance!

The PhilipsAirCooker is a connected appliance, that works together with the NutriU app, guiding you through the recipe step by step and offering a hassle free cooking experience by taking care of temperature, cooking style, times andsending notifications when food is done. It is a true game-changer, thanks to its unique NutriFlavor technology with climate control, which preserves 90%* of essential nutrients.

Today, we bring the benefits of new technology into the heart of the home, making it easy (& quick) to create healthier and tasty meals for everyone.

Ready for a new way of cooking? Discover more:

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