LG investment into whitegoods production

LG Electronics which have become the world’s top white goods supplier will make investments nearly $700 million to increase white goods production this year.

According to LG Electronics’ annual report released Wednesday, it churned out more than 10 million units of each fridges, washers, and air-conditioners in 2021, the record high output for each. Their mixed sales last year recorded 20.9 trillion won ($17.1 billion), more than 3.7 trillion won from a year ago.

The utilization rate at its fridge factory recorded 126.1 percent after the manufacturing unit produced more than eleven million units, above its initial annual production capacity of 9,137,000 units. The utilization rate of its washer and air-conditioner factories reached 106.8 percent and 110.4 percent, respectively.

The factories stayed overworked despite more than one challenges such as chip shortages and higher raw material prices.

Although the corporation published a record-high of 74.7 trillion won in sales last year, its operating profit diminished 1.1 percent on year to 3.86 trillion won due to the higher costs in logistics and raw materials, including steel, resin, and copper that make up core materials in appliance production.

To meet the strong demand for the refrigerators, washers and air-conditioners, LG Electronics will invest 851.9 billion won in its home appliance & air solution (H&A) division to ramp up output, as well as 688.1 billion won and 313.1 billion won in home entertainment (HE) division and vehicle component solutions (VS) division, respectively.

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