Miele and KptnCook

Miele and KptnCook (Berlin startup in which Miele has a majority stake) are working on new concepts to ensure the continued growth of the KptnCook recipe app. For some time now, the app has also been available in Spanish, alongside German and English. “Never before was the fast and varied preparation of good food as simple as it is today – Miele says –: a fresh meal is ready for serving within only half an hour, thanks to the prize-winning app. Every day, the app suggests three creative recipes which are balanced, nutritious and easy to follow. Cooking instructions with step-by-step photographs accompany the process. The support provided by the digital app ranges from individual recipe inspirations to shopping at the supermarket through to finished meals”. More recently, the premium version of the app has offered a weekly meal planner. This allows complete meals and associated purchases to be planned ahead for an entire week. Various options are selectable for the preferred recipe: ingredients which don’t agree with the user or the consumer simply doesn’t like can be deleted from the list. The app provides users exclusively with recipes which match their eating habits. Besides, KptnCook and Miele are working together on new topics. One example is the development of KptnCook recipes specifically for Miele induction hobs with the TempControl feature and CookAssist which take users by the hand and accompanies them through the entire cooking process with explanatory photographs on a smartphone or tablet. On the hob, Miele’s intelligent TempControl sensor guarantees the right temperature at all times by recognising the temperature of cookware and holding it automatically constant. 2022 will see the launch of further joint activities within the app in order to exploit synergies and to further consolidate collaboration between Miele and KptnCook.

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