V-ZUG financial report

The V-ZUG Group continued its growth trajectory in the 2021 financial year. Net sales once again saw a significant jump of 9.5% (CHF 623.7 million; previous year CHF 569.4 million), as did the operating result with +27.5% (CHF 62.7 million; previous year CHF 49.2 million). Thanks to these record sales, the medium-term double-digit EBIT margin target was achieved ahead of schedule in the year under review. This gratifying result was driven above all by continued high demand in the Swiss Market and strong growth in international business. The second half of the year was marred for the V-ZUG Group, as it was for the entire industrial environment, by the challenges posed by the intensifying supply chain situation and the associated increase in purchase prices for materials and logistics services.

The V-ZUG Group is still expecting a positive sales performance in excess of +6% for the 2022 financial year, thanks to full order books in Switzerland and across our International Markets. For the latter, sustained sales growth in excess of 10% per year is expected over the next few years. Major uncertainties persist in relation to the war in Ukraine and to developments in supply chains and purchase prices, whereby the latter is not expected to ease much before the end of 2022. Accordingly, the EBIT margin in the first half of 2022 is expected to be within the realm of that of the second half of 2021. Subject to any relevant and lasting geopolitical upheavals, the Group is aiming for an EBIT margin of 10% for the full 2022 financial year, given the high sales and revenue expectations and effective cost control.

Another significant rise in operating result

V-ZUG Group’s net sales rose compared with the previous year, standing at CHF 623.7 million (previous year CHF 569.4 million), with both the Swiss Market (+5.4%) and strong growth in the International Markets (+40.5%) contributing to this. Internationally, both the own-brand business (+26.5%) and the OEM business (+91.9%) performed exceptionally well. Furthermore, for the first time in its history, V-ZUG delivered more than 500,000 appliances to its customers in a single calendar year.

At CHF 62.7 million, the operating result (EBIT) was 27.5% higher than the previous year’s figure of CHF 49.2 million. With an EBIT margin of 10.0% (previous year 8.6%), the V-ZUG Group reached its medium-term target of a double-digit EBIT margin as announced as part of its stock market listing for the first time. Operational productivity as measured by the EBITDA margin increased to 15.2% (previous year 14.0%). As mentioned in the 2021 Half-Year Report, rising materials prices and supply shortages – particularly of microprocessors – resulted in a significant drop in the EBIT margin from 12.4% in the first half of 2021 to 7.7% in the second half of the year, particularly as sales price increases did not take effect until the fourth quarter of 2021.

In the 2021 financial year, the V-ZUG Group’s cash flow from operating activities totalled CHF 63.5 million (previous year CHF 99.4 million), and free cash flow (after investment activities) totalled CHF 9.0 million (previous year CHF 42.0 million). The difference from the previous year is primarily due to higher stock levels and tax payments alongside continuing high levels of investment.

As at 31 December 2021, the balance sheet of the V-ZUG Group showed a strong equity ratio of 72.9% (previous year 70.9%) and cash and cash equivalents incl. securities of CHF 117.3 million (previous year CHF 107.8 million).

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