Liebherr vibration free

Innovation from The Division of Mechatronics Lienz (UMIT Tyrol) and Liebherr-Hausgeräte Lienz GmbH makes refrigerators vibration-free. Smart Wave Vanisher optimizes cooling of sensitive materials.

As part of the Smart Wave Vanisher cooperation project, strategies have been developed to block even the slightest vibrations on refrigerated products. Sensitive refrigerated products such as expensive wines, vaccines, or biological samples can be stored optimally. The problem has been known for some time: Vibrations transmitted from the compressor of a fridge to the interior have a negative effect on the refrigerated materials. While these vibrations are harmless for food, they cause significant problems in other areas. Biomaterials,problems in other areas. Biomaterials, vaccines, and exclusive wines that have to be stored refrigerated for long periods can be affected and undergo chemical changes.

The research team consists of doctoral student Wolfgang Hörtnagel, M. Sc., former Univ. Prof. Dr. Fadi Dohnal and Dipl.-Ing Stefan Plagg, Development Engineer Acoustics at Liebherr-Hausgeräte, has meticulously analyzed such vibration processes for over four years and transferred concepts from micro-technology and audio technology to the macroscopic world of mechanical engineering. “With a specially developed algorithm, we were able to reconstruct even complex vibrations and determine from which direction they reach the refrigerated products and how problematic they are,” explains Hörtnagel. Countermeasures were subsequently developed: “Effective subsequently developed: “Effective technical barriers counteract even the smallest vibrations caused by the compressor,” Dohnal is satisfied.

Not only special refrigerators for professional use benefit from Smart Wave Vanisher. but also appliances for the consumer. The methods developed can also be used here to prevent the transmission of vibrations from the appliance to the environment. In this way, they ensure a quieter home.

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