Asko repairability

According to the repairability index Indice de réparabilité, ASKO home appliances are among the top 3 repairable household brands in France. The purpose of the index is to inform the consumers about the possibility of repairing the purchased product, and to contribute to greater environmental awareness and sustainable practices. This repairability index covers five main criteria: availability of documentation; dismantling, access and tools; availability of spare parts; spare parts prices; specific criterion for the category.  
The platform is an initiative of Spareka, the spare parts specialist, based on the criteria, defined by the Ministère de l’Environnement.
In 2020 in France only 40% of faulty electrical and electronic devices were repaired. In order to prolong the appliances life, to avoid the premature disposal of products, to reduce waste, and to preserve the natural resources, necessary for the production, the French government aims to increase this proportion to 60% within five years by setting up a repairability index to be displayed in stores. The goal is, too, to turn the repairability index into sustainability index by 2024.
The repairability index is supposed to help to change the purchasing behaviour towards products that are more easily repairable, and to encourage the consumers to resort more to repairs of the broken appliances rather than buying a new one.

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