Hitachi refrigeration returns to UK

Hitachi premium Refrigeration arrives in the UK  soon

Designed, engineered and manufactured by Hitachi in Japan and Thailand, Hitachi’s 2022 line-up of premium refrigeration models are designed for homes of the
future, Hitachi’s refrigerator
range encompasses the finest
design and cutting-edge
technology. Hitachi’s
comprehensive and innovation
refrigerator range includes
Combi Side-by-Side and Multi-
Door. The entirety of which are
packed with pioneering, original
features that harness the best
of Hitachi technology such as
the unique vacuum
compartment which reduces the
air pressure in a refrigerated
compartment. Foods stored
here will stay fresher for longer
and will not dry out as quickly.
The latest feature is the
selectable zone which enables
families to customise the

temperature setting to suit their
storage and lifestyle needs.
They can choose between 4
different temperatures including
refrigerator, chill/meats, freezer
and soft freeze (food stored at a
frozen temperature but can be
cooked immediately without the
need to defrost).
As Hitachi enters the UK market,
they’re offering the most
efficient consumer refrigeration
products, that not only help
reduce the environmental
impact on society but are
designed to enhance the user’s
quality of life and are true to the
brand’s history and philosophy
of innovation and reliability.

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