Electrolux receives EIB loan to increase energy efficiency of appliances

Are you looking to design the most sustainable kitchen possible? Are more energy-efficient appliances at the top of your specification list?

In the face of climate change, continued innovation in this area is of increasing importance for most.

To enable this, Electrolux has secured additional finance to boost research and the development of more energy-efficient home appliances, with a €250 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB).We have ambitious targets to become climate neutral and we appreciate the ongoing support from the EIB to help us achieve this. From how we source our materials, to coming up with innovations that allow both ourselves as a business and anyone who buys our products to have as low an impact on the planet as possible is central to us,” says Jonas Samuelson, CEO of Electrolux.

85% of total CO2 emissions in the life cycle of white goods are produced during the use of the products, highlighting the need for sustainability by supporting the development of products with improved environmental performance, such as appliances with reduced water and energy consumption. Electrolux will also study solutions to minimize plastic waste from its products and promote their recycling.

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