TEKA Airfry built-in ovens

Crispy fry recipes are much healthier now with 😋 TEKA AirFry!

✅ AirFry allows you to cook frying recipes in a healthier way using very little fat.
✅The special FryMaster Box has a special perforated tray so you don’t have to turn it around when cooking your food.
✅SurroundTemp technology distributes heat evenly, so your recipes are homogeneous and evenly cooked.

HydroCleanÂŽ PRO cleaning systemMultifunction SurroundTemp9 Cooking functionsCapacity, gross / net: 71/70 litersFryMaster Box, specially designed tray for frying


AirFry FunctionJust leave your food and open your oven and enjoy your meal.Crispy results in your oven with the new AirFry function. Quickly and easily prepare frozen or pre-cooked potatoes, chicken wings or nuggets. Your fresh vegetables will be juicy and crunchy with just a few drops of oil. Easily access the Air Fry function on your oven panel and enjoy great food in a cleaner, safer way.

FryMaster BoxDo not turn the food over!The Teka AirFry Oven has a special perforated tray that provides excellent air circulation, so that the food is cooked evenly and without turning it over.

XXL CapacityCook a variety of recipes for the whole familyCompared to other Teka models, you can prepare 30% more meals than a conventional oven thanks to its 71-liter capacity.

It combines efficiency and technology. Don’t worry about the energy you expend while cooking. Teka’s AirFry Oven will save you more than 20% on your monthly electricity bill with A+ energy

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