Electrolux has inaugurated in Susegana (TV), “Genesi”, the most automated factory of the Group in the world that will produce built-in refrigerators. It required an investment of over 130 million euros and 134 new permanent hires, covers an area of ​​42,000 square meters, and hosts 1.2 km of assembly lines, equipped with over 6,000 sensors and 116 robots.

Advanced automation, digitization, innovation through new modularized product platforms, and important progress for operators, aimed at enhancing their skills and further raising the safety bar: these are the objectives that have guided the Electrolux Group in the implementation of its factory in most automated in the world, Genesi, which was inaugurated today in Susegana (TV).

Announced in July 2019, the project of the Genesi plant in which built-in refrigerators are produced using the most modern Industry 4.0 logic, represents the realization of an investment of over 130 million euros, of which over 95% made within the system Italian production: 1,200 meters of production lines, 116 robots and an automation level of 49, the highest in the world within the Electrolux Group. This change necessitated an important training plan for personnel working with the new systems and technologies, with over 7,000 hours of training on 36 different topics. Added to this is the inclusion of highly specialized profiles which have led, from 2019 to today, to over 130 permanent hires, including experts in connectivity, robotics,

Massimiliano Ranieri, Chief Executive Officer of Electrolux Italia and Chief Operations Officer of the Business Area Europe of Electrolux

“Genesi is part of a transformation program that the company has undertaken globally and of its Digital Transformation strategy. This new plant represents the window on the future of our innovative and sustainable way of producing, of responding to the demands of consumers and the market, and of enabling working synergies between people and machines designed to facilitate their work “, declares Massimiliano Ranieri. , Chief Executive Officer of Electrolux Italia and Chief Operations Officer of the Electrolux Business Area Europe. “I am particularly proud to be here in Susegana to inaugurate Genesi which, with its automation level of 49, the highest in the world for Electrolux,

The active workers online, between 60 and 100 depending on the product being processed, will operate in a completely new way, aimed at optimizing technical times and preventing errors or accidents, using the tools of industry 4.0: from tablets, smartwatches, touch screens and artificial vision systems. Furthermore, through more than 20 km of network cables, a central computer – DOME, Digital Operations Manufacturing Execution, a project of the Electrolux Group for the digitization of factories – collects and coordinates in real time the millions of data that come from automations and factory systems; data that support people in their daily work, allowing to intercept possible quality defects in advance and making available the ‘evolutionary history’ of each single product. Great attention was also paid to the well-being of the workers: the manual positions, designed according to the best international standards in the field of ergonomics, will be customizable according to the physical characteristics of each of them.The built-in appliances that will roll out of the new production lines of the Susegana plant will further strengthen Electrolux’s competitiveness in the refrigeration sector. The presence of 42 automatic quality measurement systems and that of over 6,000 sensors, together with various new technologies, will in fact guarantee a product capable of emitting up to 20% less CO2 and responding to all consumer needs: maximum performance , great attention to energy consumption and sustainability, optimal food conservation and waste reduction.

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