Haier Germany meets the press

Haier Germany convened press meeting and summer party in Munich. This event attracted participation of several local media and partners. At the conference, this year’s performance of Haier Germany was summed up, with business planning for Q4 and 2022 both released.

Despite the pandemic, Haier Germany has secured a growth rate of 76% this year based on the rapid growth in 2020, with significant increase of profit and premium products accounting for 60%.

At the conference, Thomas Wittling, GM of Haier Germany, announced the planning for 2022. Also, Haier Germany launched the premium built-in series products which can be connected to hOn APP. From 2022 onward, Haier Germany will penetrate into the built- in home appliances market with innovative products to realize “zero distance to users”.

At the press conference, Haier Germany announced the partnership with Jörg Rosskopf, current Chief Coach of Table Tennis in Germany and World Champion, and famous chef Alexander Herrmann, who both act as the brand ambassador to draw the distance to users closer. Looking into the In the future, Haier Germany will further promote the brand reputation through activities like Cooking Show.

Under the guidance of  Rendanheyi Model, Haier Germany has always been focused on demands of users and provided smart life experience for them.

Haier Germany 2021 Partner Conference held in Munich

From September 15th to 17th, Haier Germany held the 2021 Media and Partners Conference in Munich. This meeting summarized Haier Germany’s performance in the past few years, especially during the epidemic, and released its future strategic goals and business plans.In 2021, despite the impact of the epidemic, Haier Germany still achieved a 76% growth on the basis of last year’s high growth, and its profit has also increased significantly, with the high-end accounted for 60%.At the meeting, Thomas Wittling, General Manager of Haier Germany, announced a strategic landing plan for 2022, and also released a series of new high-end embedded products that can be interconnected with hOn App. In 2022, Haier Germany will enter the embedded market through innovative products and continue to implement high-end transformation.

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