Probaker is inspired by the world’s best industrial kitchen machines, and designed so that you can make as good doughs as the pros. With a rotating bowl and hook, knead the dough efficiently and thoroughly, so that you get a good result, quickly. The interaction between bowl and hook ensures that all the ingredients are mixed well together, and the rotation means that there is plenty of space to refill ingredients during the baking process. This is possible due to Probaker’s 700W PMDC motor which utilizes the power from the motor more efficiently. This type of engine is not usually used in kitchen appliances for the private market, but after several years of development, you can finally get a professional standard in your own kitchen.

Maximum torque: 110Nm

Speeds: 60-270RPM

Large capacity

Probaker has a capacity of as much as 7 liters and can handle doughs of up to 5 kilos without any problem. The bowl also has an optimized angle so that the dough does not creep upwards during kneading. Probaker can run at very varied speeds, and has as many as 20 different speed settings. This means that it can handle most things – from slowly mixing in flour, to kneading heavy doughs at high speed.

Quiet and safe to use

Probaker’s engine is located lower than what is common for kitchen appliances on the market. It ensures a low center of gravity so that the kitchen machine is quiet and stands rock-solid even during the toughest kneading jobs. In fact, it is so stable that you can place a glass of water on top of the machine while it is on, without it overflowing. At the same time, two sensors continuously monitor the engine to ensure that you have safe working conditions. Should the engine overheat or overload, it will shut down automatically.

World-class hooks and whisks

Probaker comes with three accessories – spiral hook, flexi whip and double whip. All with their unique properties adapted to different uses.

Kneading hook : The extra large, rotating spiral hook has only a 3 mm distance to the bowl itself and gets hold of all the ingredients. The hook is therefore able to lift the whole dough in a controlled and flexible way, and knead it without it creeping up the hook. As a result, you get delicious yeast baking, puff pastry or pasta dough everyone will envy.

Flexi whip : Ideal for mixing light ingredients. The silicone scraper eliminates the need for a spatula during mixing and is able to both mix and scrape up the oil at the same time. With the flexi whip, you get perfect butter creams, cake mixes, jams and mashed potatoes, among other things.

Double whisk : You get fantastic airy cream, egg whites or sugar bread with this double whisk which pushes the mixture towards the middle of the bowl and adds air between each whisk.


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