Cata home appliances has very good results in 2020. The Spanish company, based in Madrid, with a factory in Catalonia has managed to increase its sales in the Spanish market by 3.7%, to 79.9 million euros .

During the 2020 financial year, the company has had the support of financial institutions and new developments have been signed in the refinancing agreements, which have allowed the company to have circulating financing and to continue growing in 2021.

contributing to this good performance is that the group’s factories have worked tirelessly to meet all market orders.

It should be noted that the entire CNA Group has continued to develop its export activity, which has represented 65% of the company’s total consolidated sales.

For 2021, the CNA Group plans to continue growing moderately above 2020 and, for this, among other actions, they will expand their product ranges with many new features.

Cata launches a new family of air purifiers on the market this year. It is Cata Purifyer, a product that can actively reduce the contagion of Covid-19 both in homes, as in businesses and in all kinds of commercial and industrial activities.

CNA Group is a global leader in the home appliances sector and has recognition across the world. It includes the Cata, Nodor, Apelson, Edesa* brands.

CNA Group is committed to offering the latest in technology and design. Together these provide the high performance and efficiency required to meet the needs of our customers. It was founded in Barcelona in 1947 and since then has been a pioneer in the domestic extraction business, with a wide range of products which includes extractors, conventional and decorative extractor hoods, ovens, cookers, microwaves, taps and sinks, using high quality, environmentally friendly materials . The company includes Cata, Apelson (integrated in the group in 1999), Nodor (in 2004) and Edesa (in 2014)*. In the CNA Group we work with a clear focus on improving the products we sell, providing solutions and creating new sensations for our customers in their use.
*CNA Group is a licensee of Edesa brand.

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