A “Fully Integrated” product line for Liebherr

During the latest edition of the “Küchenmeile” trade fair, held at the end of September in the Architekturwerkstatt exhibition, Liebherr offered a first glimpse of its “Fully Integrated” product line, the brand new generation of integrated refrigerators and freezers. Among the products of this range,  the Monolith wine cabinet stands out as well as the new OpenStage refrigerator because, as the company explains “during the development, the specialists have paid particular attention to future viability and sustainability. For example, the appliances are not only very energy-efficient, but also help to keep food fresh for longer. For example, the “HydroBreeze” function provides food with a cold refreshing mist, which is also visually attractive.”
The new refrigerator with “OpenStage” drawers is both aesthetically pleasing as well as pioneering in a functional sense. In line with the principle of the pharmacy cabinet, it not only offers plenty of space, but also guarantees a perfect overview and easy access to all food at all times. In this way, everything is always in view – and this avoids throwing things away unnecessarily.

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