Hisense introduces Advanced and Essential , two new lines of washing machines and dryers

Hisense introduces Advanced and Essential , two new lines of washing machines and dryers able to combine design, quality materials, performance and a strong technological component.

The Advanced lineit consists of two washing machine models (WFGA80141VM and WFGA90141VM) with 8 and 9 kg load capacities and a 9 kg dryer (DHGA901NL). Advanced appliances represent Hisense’s winning proposal in the world of washing, starting from the design, designed to improve the ergonomics of the product, up to the choice of robust materials that guarantee reliability and stability. The range can count on a large loading mouth and an Inverter motor. Characteristics of the line are the Wave Plus basket, which with a reduced number of holes guarantees at the same time kindness and performance, Steam Mix technology, which thanks to the use of steam makes the garments softer, sanitizes them and removes odors, and the automatic program adjusts temperature and duration according to the weight and type of clothing.

The DHGA901NL dryer of the Advanced line, with 9 kg and energy class A ++, offers similar features, including the Wave Plus basket and the wide loading mouth, but adds the Twin Flow bidirectional airflow that reduces times and guarantees homogeneous drying, and the Ion Refresh technology, which thanks to the negative ions acts on bad smells and reduces the electrostatic charge.

The new Essential range consists of five washing machines and a dryer model. The washing machines differ in load capacity (7, 8 and 9 kg), energy efficiency and, above all, in size, being two of the five models (WFGE70141VM / S and WFGE80141VM / S) based on a slim design with a depth of 46, 5 cm which is perfect for those who have to optimize space. There is no shortage of excellent technical features: the large loading mouth, Steam Mix, Inverter motor and Wave Plus basket. The DHGE901 dryer of the Essential range, with a load capacity of 9 kg and in class A ++, offers Twin Flow airflow , a large loading mouth and the Easy Clean filter, placed on the door and very easy to clean.

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