LG Launches New Home Appliance Brand with Upgraded Customization Features

LG Electronics Inc. on Thursday launched a new home appliance line with enhanced customization options as the South Korean tech firm targets more consumers who seek their own home interior styling.

LG Objet Collection allows consumers to select their own colors and materials for home appliances so that they can create harmony with interior design in their homes.

The new brand is an upgraded version of LG Objet, which was introduced in 2018 under a concept of “private appliance” that blends home appliances and artfully designed furniture.

LG said it partnered with U.S.-based Pantone Color Institute to offer more color options for LG Objet Collection appliances.

For material selections, the company included FENIX, a high-tech material developed by Italy’s Arpa Industriale known for its resistance to scratches and abrasion.

LG said 11 products are currently available under the LG Objet Collection brand, which includes refrigerators, a dish washer, a light wave oven, a washer-dryer combo and a clothing refresher, but the lineup will be expanded in the future.

For refrigerator doors, consumers can choose from 13 colors, along with various materials, including FENIX, stainless, glass and metal. There are a maximum of 145 design combinations for its three-door bottom-freezer refrigerator, according to LG.

Of the LG Objet Collection appliances, light wave oven, water purifier and dish washer are compatible with each other through its Internet of Things (IoT) platform, LG ThinQ.

For instance, when users select a cooking option on the oven, the water purifier automatically sets the right amount of water needed for the dish.

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