HARVESTfresh ™ combined refrigerators by Beko .

RCNA406E60LZXRN and RCNE560E61ZXN are in fact the innovative combined free-standing refrigerators (respectively 60 and 70 cm wide and the first 2 m and the second 192 cm high) proposed by the brand, expression of a snappy aesthetic and equipped with the best technologies for home storage.

In particular, the HARVESTfresh ™ technology , based on nature, imitates the solar day thus keeping vitamins A and C unchanged and for a long time: in fact, thanks to the presence of three efficient lights inside the vegetable bowl, the day-night cycle is followed. Through the three lights, which are activated according to the cycle of the day and turn off during the night (dark period), sunrise is imitated with blue, midday with green and sunset with red light, while the period darkness identifies the night. If the fridge door is opened during the dark period, one of the three lights will turn on, in order to allow greater visibility of the operation.

HARVESTfresh ™, after rigorous scientific tests conducted by independent laboratories and academic research, has received the INTERTEK certification, revealing the effectiveness of this solar cycle for the optimal preservation of vegetables, which thus keep intact the supply of vitamins .

The Beko combi refrigerators are also equipped with the Total No-Frost NeoFrost ™ Dual Cooling cooling system , a special technology that cools with two separate cooling systems, thus maintaining a high humidity level in the fridge and at the same time the dry freezer environment. , frozen and natural (no frost).

They are also characterized by the practical external Touch Display on the door, a device capable of displaying the temperatures set in the fresh food and freezer compartment, without having to open the door. In addition, versatility is at home in these combined units: thanks to the SmoothFit ™ flush-to-wall opening, the refrigerator can also be positioned near the walls or corners of the house, as the door remains conveniently open at 90 °.

Available in Dark Inox and Inox Look colors , the appliances are equipped with the ProSmart ™ Inverter compressor that allows you to cool faster, consume less and be four times quieter than normal refrigerator compressors. The interiors also ensure optimal space management and technologies to improve food storage, such as the freshness package which also includes the EverFresh + ® drawer in which temperature and humidity are controlled to reduce condensation and thus ensuring fresh fruit and vegetables up to 30 days. The compartment dedicated to meat, fish and dairy products is kept just above the freezing temperature to preserve their freshness.

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