The power of steam: the Gaggenau CombiVapore ovens

A new generation of state-of-the-art appliances capable of revolutionizing the culinary habits of the private chef, while ensuring objects with an exclusive and elegant design: the CombiVapore ovens of the 400 and 200 series by Gaggenau .

A leading luxury brand in the production of professional household appliances, Gaggenau already introduced the steam oven in private kitchens 20 years ago , perfecting its creations year after year and allowing the use, in a single combination, of the of steam and hot air cooking, the convenience of automatic programs, precise temperature control and a state-of-the-art cleaning system, performances previously only possible in restaurant kitchens.

Since then, the Gaggenau CombiVapore ovens have made aesthetic and technological research their cardinal principles: the sculptural shapes and precious materials are combined with exceptional culinary performances in the ovens of the 200 and 400 series, made possible thanks to some important innovations, including the connection direct water and automatic cleaning system.

In fact, both lines include both models of combined steam ovens with tank, and with direct connection to the water system , capable of eliminating the need to load and unload the tank and thus offering high flexibility and ease of use, especially by mode. of preparation that require long times, such as cooking at low temperatures in sous-vide functionality, ensuring a constant supply of fresh water

Great attention is then given to maintenance, with the automatic cleaning system : by simply using a specially designed cartridge composed of bicarbonate and citric acid, maximum hygiene is ensured, while eliminating the need for manual oven cleaning.

For those looking for perfection in the execution of delicious recipes, Gaggenau introduces the temperature measurement probe in the two series of ovens , capable of detecting the internal temperature of the food with the utmost precision: it is in fact equipped with three sensors capable of continuously identify the remaining cooking time, guaranteeing professional results with every use.

In addition, to allow unlimited flexibility of use, the dimensions of the cavities of the CombiVapore ovens have been enlarged, reaching a capacity of 50 liters , so as to allow home chefs to prepare more dishes and in large quantities.

Demonstrating the constant commitment to creating aesthetically beautiful products, Gaggenau gives the 200 and 400 series a distinctive design: the full surface grill is elegantly hidden under the glass ceramic , thus guaranteeing the highest level of formal cleanliness and essentiality even inside the oven. enhanced by the presence of a striking LED lighting system that directs the light towards the back of the oven, making the dishes being cooked clearly visible and allowing greater control.

Finally, all Gaggenau steam combi ovens are equipped with Home Connect , which offers those who use them maximum freedom, thanks to the direct control of its functions via apps from smartphones and tablets.

Two decades of refinement and innovation have led us to the new 400 and 200 Series CombiVapore ovens. – declares Peter Goetz , CEO of Gaggenau – Our technological leadership has allowed us to create an appliance capable of offering perfect cooking results without limits and a minimal and modern aesthetic in the kitchen. We believe that having the ability to cook like a professional is a luxury that those who love being in the kitchen demand

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