Taurus expansion

Grupo Taurus, a leading Spanish company in the small appliance sector with more than 200 million turnover, announces the acquisition of the renowned French company Supra. The operation is another step of the Taurus group in its expansion and growth plan in Europe, also reflected in the acquisition of the license rights of the Black + DeckerTM brand in 2018.

Supra, with almost 150 years of history, is a benchmark in innovation and sustainability and a precursor to Insert technology internationally. Its product range covers the entire range of heating, both portable electros as stoves and insert fireplaces. The brand is an expert in pellet-based combustion stoves (Biomass), an ecological solution for thermal air conditioning needs. The main brands of the group are Supra and Richard Le Droff, premium brand specialized in chimneys and Inserts.

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With this acquisition, the Taurus group meets a triple objective:

On the one hand, it strengthens and grows its position in the French market, where it already participates with its subsidiary White & Brown, which markets its wide range of small appliance products: Taurus, Solac and especially the Taurus-Alpatec brand, highlighted in the sector of portable air conditioning.

In addition, the operation is a firm commitment of the group to consolidate in the renewable and sustainable energy sector, since Biomass and Insert heating combustion is an efficient and highly ecological option.

Finally, the acquisition of Supra is also a strong commitment to European manufacturing “made in France”. From its headquarters in Obernai (Alsace), most of its stoves and fireplaces are designed and manufactured and it also has an important R&D center that, in addition to those already existing in Spain and in other Group subsidiaries, They will bring great innovations and sustainable solutions to the entire product range.

In its constant commitment to strengthen its European presence, the Taurus group adds the Supra company to the list of its subsidiaries in France, Portugal and Italy, and soon in Germany. This together with the subsidiaries of the group that are located in Mexico, South Africa, Morocco, India, China and Peru, makes it have an international presence and be a worldwide reference in the small appliance sector.

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