RIG-TIG introduces FOODIE kitchen appliances

The new RIG-TIG FOODIE, a collection of electrical appliances, consists of a toaster, an electric kettle, a hand mixer, a coffee grinder and a smoothie maker.
The new FOODIE line of electrical kitchen appliances has been designed by the renowned Danish-Canadian design duo of Unit 10.The devices inspired by the 1950s have rounded shapes and matte surfaces for a comfortable grip. Because of their small size, these devices are perfect for compact living and fit well with small kitchens or a summer house.Although they are striking in appearance, much attention has been paid to the functionality of the devices. This can be seen in the integrated storage space for the cord of the hand mixer, the clear glass of the coffee grinder and the possibility to take the smoothie directly into the blender mixing cup.The FOODIE line comes as standard in a black and white version and is available as a limited edition in soft pastel colors for a more playful and informal design. All variants are available from May 2020.https://www.rig-tig.com/en