Chefman Connects Chef iQ To ‘Smart’ Culinary Community

Chefman is launching a new sister company, Chef iQ, designed to capitalize on consumer interest in smart home appliances and connectivity.

A beta version of the Chef iQ kitchen app debuted at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show, and the Chef iQ program will be a major feature at the Inspired Home Show in Chicago. The initial launch consists of a new Chef iQ all-in-one smart pressure cooker/multi cooker paired with a connected app. The multi-cooker includes an integrated cooking calculator; more than 100 quick preset cooking functions; an integrated scale; auto-pressure release and a non-stick 6-quart cooking pot.

The app features guided cooking and step-by-step preparation techniques, how-to videos, a cooking calculator, a built-in timer, a favorites feature, and a “smart bar” that allows the user to set or monitor the Chef iQ product anytime, anywhere, as well as receive instant notifications on cooking progress.

“Pairing the cooker with the app is where the magic happens,” said Lily Giannoglou, director of marketing for Chefman and Chef iQ. “We are building in both functionality and inspiration for the home chef, allowing them to discover new techniques, new recipes and new ways to cook memorable meals.”

The Chef iQ all-in-one Smart Cooker will be available at select retail locations— including Best Buy, Target and Amazon— in March; retail price will be $199.99. The Chef iQ app is free to download on the App Store for Apple, and on Google Play for Android devices.

The Chef iQ app will be updated and work with other appliances as the products become available. The company is currently developing a Chef iQ smart dehydrator that will allow consumers to preserve and extend the life of many foods, including meat, vegetables, fruits and herbs.