Cooking at Christmas is easier with Whirlpool

Thanks to its innovative technology and intuitive functions, Whirlpool appliances are the perfect allies in the kitchen because they offer professional results, effortlessly and in the shortest possible time.

The 6th Sense cooking combinations offer all the necessary assistance for any type of dish. In the ovens, the user only has to choose the type of food, the cooking point and the golden finish he wants.

In the case of induction plates, the sensors detect the temperature of the container and establish the ideal power level to melt, keep warm, simmer, boil, fry or grill.

The Ready2Cook function uses a powerful convection system that allows you to quickly reach the desired temperature without preheating the oven.

As for cleaning, pyrolytic ovens convert food scraps into ashes that can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge. On the other hand, the innovative Smartclean technology cleans the oven in just 35 minutes without leaving odors and without detergents.

The Cook3 and Cook4 functions allow you to cook up to four dishes at the same time without mixing flavors or aromas.

FlexiSide function plates offer cooking zones that can be used separately or connected vertically.

The W Collection range of appliances includes ovens and plates with connectivity. The recipes of the 6th Sense App can be sent to the appliance and, through its SmartDisplay, guide the user step by step in the preparation, indicating, on the screen, what to do at all times.

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