BORA Professional 2.0: The elegant cooking surface with built-in extractor

The user can control this innovative system through a simple and intuitive interface located on the front surface. It has an electric opening system that automatically connects the different cooking areas with the opening and closing lid. When finished cooking, it closes again, leaving the space completely flat and without gaps between the joints.

BORA , a specialist brand in cooking systems with built-in extraction, introduces the new Professional 2.0 system with electric surface extractor and intelligent operating guide. A true high-end modular system consisting of six components.

BORA Professional 2.0 is the improved version of the first BORA extraction system and stands out for its innovation, functionality, simplicity and maximum performance . A closed system itself consisting of a hob, extractor, motor, duct (BORA Ecotube), filter and wall box (BORA 3box).

Its electric opening system guarantees greater comfort in the kitchen by automatically connecting the different cooking zones with the opening and closing lid. At the end of the cooking process it closes again , leaving it completely flat and without space between the joints. In the surface extractor, under the filter, we find a grease collecting tray.

One of the most powerful features of the Professional 2.0 system are the controls with the user interface of the front surface, which allow an intelligent operation guide : for the first time we find intelligence applied to the control elements, turning BORA Professional 2.0 into development most innovative of the moment. Likewise, the plate temperature is indicated on the control, allowing its adjustment from it with a combination of tactile operation and by turning . Other operating programs, including control of the surface extraction system, are also directed from here.

The existing cooking surface and the cooking zone allow high performance, placing BORA Professional 2.0 surfaces and cooking zones among the largest available in the market. BORA Professional 2.0 provides the client with greater freedom when designing their kitchen since all the pieces of the system are combinable with each other. A product with cutting-edge technology and the most innovative.

The discreet and elegant design of the new BORA Professional 2.0 has been developed thinking about the day-to-day life of the user, granting functionality and versatility thanks to its slight elevation of the extractor and the most powerful technical characteristics of the moment. BORA Professional 2.0 can be combined with a wide variety of different hobs without sacrificing high quality.

State-of-the-art smoke extraction system
It has controls with an intelligent operating guide and an electric closing lid . For the improvement of BORA Professional 2.0, a proprietary duct system with a wall box optimally adapted to it has been developed. With BORA Ecotube and BORA 3box it is now possible to find a system that perfectly meets the high requirements in terms of efficiency, ease of assembly and flexibility and that presents an optimized and comprehensive solution.

BORA Professional 2.0 at a glance
A true closed system in itself with a hob, extractor, motor, duct, filter and wall box. The cooking plate and the surface extractor communicate with each other.

In addition, it is characterized in that it allows a very simple impieza thanks to the wider extraction opening and the elements of easy extraction. On the other hand, the cooking plates located among the largest in the market ( dimensions with extra depth of 54 cm ). The closure cap is also available in black.

As a novelty, it includes a compact system for floating worktops with BORA Professional recirculation system.

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