Voice command: manage appliances only by voice Candy

Voice command: manage appliances only by voice
Smart home . A concept that is coming into our daily lives with arrogance, revolutionizing the way we interface with domestic technology and housework. Part of the credit is also given to the prices of smart devices , which have fallen considerably in recent years, ceasing to be luxury items to become simple accessories that more and more families can afford.

And therefore voice-controlled appliances , which can be operated via the smartphone to allow remote control of the home, are no longer things for Hollywood movies but an integral part of everyday life!

Voice control is one of the most useful and interesting features that smart appliances can offer. For example, did you get the ingredients for tonight’s dinner but don’t remember all the steps anymore? A doubt about which is the best program to wash your favorite sweatshirt? No problem! Associated ovens and washing machines , such as RapidÓ products and the first range of connected ovens , meet these needs. Let’s find out together!

The RapidÓ washing machine has a Wi-Fi connectivity system that makes it even easier to use. Thanks to the Candy simply-Fi app , you can ask the washing machine to access a series of recommendations and advice on the best wash cycle or on removing stains, just to give an example.

Connected furnaces
Try to imagine: you are preparing a gourmet pizza for this evening or you have your hands full and you suddenly have a mental emptiness … What ingredients were used for the recipe? With Candy’s first connected oven , you can ask these questions directly to your appliance and know what (and how) to cook using only the item. The Candy simply-Fi app will respond with the right recipe or advice you needed.

Comando vocale: gestire gli elettrodomestici solo con la voce

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