Grill, cook and fry with the Whirlpool Supreme Chef microwave oven

Whirlpool presents the Supreme Chef Microwave : the only microwave capable of grilling, cooking and frying, halving the cooking time and making every preparation perfect.

The cutting-edge design of the Whirlpool brand meets the most innovative technology for a truly unique product that offers a premium cooking experience, thanks to the ability to combine three different heat sources together – double emission of MWO with grill function and plate Crisp – which guarantee the food tenderness inside and crunchiness on the outside.

Among the main features, the Crisp Fry technology gives food while making it light without the need to add oil. All thanks to the combined action of Crisp and Forced Air – the fan that spreads heat and simulates the cooking of a traditional oven. Among the novelties, the Bread Defrost technology , which joins the Jet Defrost , to make it even easier to defrost the bread, ensuring a crunchy and tasty result as freshly baked.

The Supreme Chef Microwave is equipped with five cooking functions: microwave, grill, ventilated, steam and crisp. Among these, steam cooking stands out in particular, thanks to the special steamer and the 6th sense technology humidity sensor. It is ideal for healthier and lighter preparations, perfect for preparing fish and vegetables which, thanks to this type of cooking, maintain their nutritional properties.

The 6th SENSE technology of Whirlpool products makes the use of the microwave oven even more intuitive. Thanks to the sensors, in fact, high quality performance can be achieved without the slightest daily effort: the Supreme Chef automatically adjusts the time, power and energy consumption during cooking.

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