Hisense washers and dryers awarded at the Reddot Design Awards 2019

The Hisense brand has been awarded for the disruptive design of its new range of appliances. The Reddot Design Awards, one of the most important awards in the industry, have rewarded the company for its quality and excellent work in imagining the style and forms of future technology.

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Washing Machine Hisense WFGS1016VM A +++ (-20%)

One of the main objectives of Hisense is to offer great possibilities to completely revolutionize the aesthetic beauty of the home of each of its users. Through technological and creative development, the company is committed to overcoming the borders of style thanks to a new offer adapted to the needs of all types of families and situations.

For that reason, some of the brand’s products have been valued by the Reddot awards, one of the most prestigious international competitions in the design industry. These awards give designers, organizations and companies like Hisense the opportunity to demonstrate their creative potential when it comes to thinking and presenting a concept, an identity brand, or a communicative strategy.

Among the appliances awarded with the Reddot Design Awards in 2019, are the Hisense washers and dryers. Thanks to the latest technological advances applied to cleaning and drying, this new generation of products seeks to completely transform the treatment of garments.

Hisense washing machines

Hisense, responsible for the environment and the quality of life of its users, offers two washing machines awarded by Reddot and with an energy classification A +++ (-20%). These new models of washing machines provide great benefits to the user, such as Inverter technology, which saves energy, has a much lower sound level and extends the life of household appliances. In addition, several of its models have in turn Steam Plus, which allows the treatment of clothing by steam, or programs such as Ion Wash 59 ‘, which allow washing up to 10 kg in just 59 minutes.

Among the Hisense washing machines that have received this award are: WFGS1016VM A +++ (-20%), WFGS9014V A +++ (-20%), WFGA9014V A +++ (-20%) and WFGA8014V A +++ (-10%).

Hisense dryers

The DHGS90M A ++ and DHGA90 A ++ dryer models offer great energy savings thanks to a class A ++ energy efficiency. The first has a steam function and capacity for up to 9 kg of clothes. According to the brand, its sophisticated and efficient heat pump can dry at lower temperatures taking better care of the garments. In addition, its Ion Gen function offers drying with ionized air that reduces unpleasant odors, helps stretch natural fibers and thus eliminates wrinkles. Both models have also been awarded at the Reddot Design Awards 2019 for their design and functionality.

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