Hoover AXI will offer Amazon Dash Replenishment

Hoover, the international brand of the Haier Europe group stands out for its innovative nature that has led it to become a benchmark of trends for more than a hundred years introducing high-tech products with the aim of taking care of people’s well-being, has launched its first washing machine with Artificial Intelligence (AI), product of excellence of the AXI range.

The innovative features of AXI allow the user to control the washing machine thanks to the APP Hoover Wizard, simply using the voice and through intelligent speakers such as Alexa, fully compatible with AXI.

AXI, thanks to the assisted washing program, suggests the most suitable washing program for all types of fabrics and also memorizes those that are more common among users, making cycle selection faster and easier, while geolocation technology checks the weather forecast and defines the best time to do laundry, ensuring the time necessary for drying clothes.

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Not only is it innovative and intuitive, but it is also effective and functional: indeed, AXI’s premium features include Care Dose, automatic detergent and softener dosing up to 21 wash cycles, which together with the Total Care function, perfect emulsion of water and detergent that is injected into the drum penetrating directly into the fibers, guarantees an excellent washing with class A certification. These high-level performance is complemented by a quiet inverter motor, which ensures durability and reliability, drastically reducing the noise level and vibrations during the wash cycle.

In addition, from the end of July, AXI will offer Amazon Dash Replenishment, the Automatic Detergent Replenishment Service through Amazon, so users will never have to worry about buying detergent anymore.Activating the Automatic Detergent Replenishment, supplies will be delivered when necessary: this service can be configured through the Hoover Wizard App and the Amazon account, selecting the detergent that you want to automatically replenish. AXI will measure the amount of detergent consumed in the wash cycles, and will automatically order the selected products when they are about to run out.

Likewise, AXI leads the excellence in energy saving and silence: the energy class A +++ -50% is the most eco-efficient classification in appliances and guarantees the best results and the lowest consumption.

“Hoover aims to propose and launch innovative products to improve the user experience towards a smart home and lifestyle,” says Haier Europe Director of Connectivity, Piergiorgio Bonfiglioli. “With AXI we launch a smart product capable of representing the evolution of connected appliances and working together with a leading partner such as Amazon, we offer an intelligent product that also differs in the sector for its energy class and sustainability.”

“The Dash Replenishment function, Automatic Replenishment Service, aims to facilitate the lives of consumers and help them always have stocks of their essential daily products , says David Jackson, General Manager of the Dash Replenishment Service. “With Dash Replenishment, users save travel to stores and rely solely on their Hoover AXI connected washing machine to make replacement orders when necessary – it’s that easy. We are excited to work together with Hoover to expand the home appliance portfolio. ”

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