Ecovacs Robotics vacuum cleaners equipped with the innovative Ozmo

Ecovacs Robotics vacuum cleaners equipped with the innovative Ozmo ™ scouring technology do not need any chemicals to remove virtually all harmful bacteria from the soil, simply by scrubbing with water. It has been verified and confirmed by the Hygiene & Microbiology Research Center of JapanDomestic floors are exposed to a lot of dirt of all kinds: street dust, hair from animals and pets, or waste and debris that fall when eating. All this dirty the house, leaving stains and marks on floors that are unattractive. In addition, it leaves invisible dangers, germs and pathogens that are a threat to those with allergies.These bacteria affect the body and health, especially the smallest of the house, and can even cause chronic diseases. However, as proven by the independent research institute Hygiene & Microbiology Research Center, the owners of an Ecovacs Deebot equipped with Ozmo ™ technology (Ozmo 930, PRO930, Ozmo Slim10, Ozmo 900) can rest easy. Experts have found that during cleaning with water and without adding detergents or chemical cleaning, the combination of aspiration and scrubbing of Ozmo eliminate up to 99% of all harmful germs.Double checked: cleaning and sanitization demonstrated
The study has not been done in Japan by chance. The large amounts of rain and rainfall that affect the Japanese country mean that the average humidity is between 60% and 70%, rising to more than 75% in summer. This is an ideal environment for the proliferation of germs such as mold and mites. Ecovacs has developed its Ozmo ™ technology to act precisely in these environmental conditions. And it has been successful, as the study confirms: in the first test, after only eight minutes working under maximum conditions of suction and scrubbing power, about 95% of the bacteria disappeared. The second test eliminated practically all the germs, 99%, in only 20 minutes (with the function of maximum suction and high level of water).

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