Beko launches its new American refrigerator GN162330XB

Beko incorporates into its catalog the new American refrigerator GN162330XB. It has the innovative technology NeoFrost Dual Cooling that allows to keep food in optimal conditions, preventing the transmission of odors. In addition, the refrigerator and freezer are separated and have independent cooling systems, and from its exclusive LCD Touch Control Display you can control the temperature of each compartment separately in a more precise and stable way.

The GN162330XB has such interesting features as Vacation Mode and Compartment 0ºC, an optimal space to conserve meats, fish, cheeses and cold cuts at temperatures close to zero degrees. It also has a dispenser of water and ice (ice cubes or minced) in door with connection to water intake.

With measures of 179x91x78 cm, it offers a total gross volume of 623 l. The refrigerator is equipped with interior light with side LEDs and offers a temperature selection range of 8º, 6º, 4º, 2º. For its part, the freezer has a freezing power of 13 kg / 24 h and a temperature selection range -18º, -20º, -22º, -24º.

The new American refrigerator GN162330XB of Beko is class A ++.

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