The hectic life forces us to give up so many things, but not to the coffee which, indeed, remains a moment of refreshment and relaxation to which we never say no, also because modern machines allow a fast, intuitive and personalized use.

Is coffee consumption still included in a ritual, despite the haste of modern times and the availability of more and more hot drinks?
It is perhaps the rush of contemporary everyday life that has made us recover the desire to take time back to dedicate ourselves to the rituals that make us feel good. One of these is certainly the preparation of coffee, a drink to which we Italians have always given great importance. The conscious consumer willingly reserves a few minutes more to enjoy an excellent espresso and therefore goes in search of products that can be complicit in satisfying the needs of pleasure and quality. Using our machines, everyone can be the protagonist of their coffee moment.

How does Gaggia respond to the demands of new consumers?
Gaggia responds by offering a range of coffee machines that meet the needs of consumers and adapt to different lifestyles. For example, traditionalists who love rituals and preparation “like at the bar” can choose between different proposals for manual machines. Instead, for those who do not want to give up the pleasure of freshly ground coffee and an authentic espresso, but prefer the automatic functionality and the practicality of intuitive displays, there are the super-automatics, from the simplest to the most advanced.
Furthermore, to respond to the growing attention of the market towards beverages that go beyond the classic espresso, we are developing products that are really easy to use thanks to the latest generation interfaces. It will be even more immediate to obtain cappuccino, latte macchiato, cream coffee and many other beverages, prepared according to traditional recipes, by simply pressing the dedicated button.

How close is the coffee bar today to the domestic one?
The espresso prepared with a Gaggia domestic machine has nothing to envy to what you can enjoy at the bar. In fact, our history is born in that world, from which we still take inspiration to transmit our unique tradition in new products. We also offer consumers the possibility of creating a tailor-made experience, customizing the result starting from the mixture, which are free to choose according to personal taste and habits. “Tailor-made”, with automatic machines, it is also possible to select the degree of grinding of the coffee, the intensity of the aroma, the length of the espresso. In short, Gaggia offers the quality and experience of the bar directly at home.

In the distribution sector, how can the “coffee experience” be transmitted to the end customer, given the great crowding of products and brands?
Gaggia stands out for a story that few other brands can boast. In our products we try to convey all this “expertise”, to offer an experience of quality and value. A value that also lies in the Company’s desire to concentrate the production of its range in Italy, trusting also in a high local know-how, a guarantee of quality and superior offer. It is not just a matter of preparing a coffee: those who use a Gaggia product become part of a world that gives great importance to small moments, rituals and style. Furthermore, we try to convey our messages with a coherent global communication language.

How can a consumer be retained even after the purchase?
The consumer certainly appreciates the after-sales service: our centers in Italy are numerous and well distributed. We are also trying to expand the range of accessories that can offer the consumer a complete express experience. With this in mind, last September we launched a Gaggia Milano coffee line, currently available only in our authorized service centers; our core business remains the machines, but this proposal wants to be a further service in favor of a perfect, high quality espresso.
We are also increasing our presence on social channels, to be even closer to our current or potential consumers. We attach great importance to the end user, offering advice, suggestions and support.

What are Gaggia’s plans and expectations for the current year?
Attentive to consumer needs and market trends, also in 2019 we will be introducing new features in the range of automatic and manual products. At the center of our research and innovation work there is always respect for the company philosophy that is based on the “tradition in continuous evolution”, to offer the consumer the experience of a good espresso like at the bar in the comfort of one’s own home. The novelties will respect, both in their design and communication, that style which is a distinctive note of our brand. The prospects for 2019 are positive, not only on the basis of the results of strong growth recorded in the last four years, but also because we have followed a careful and dedicated “glocal strategy” that is rewarding us, and allows us to be reactive on markets with different dynamics and trends,

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