Nardi Electronics Italy will be present at IFA Berlin 2018 , to tell its vision of the future.

Innovation, design, technology, simplicity and functionality, safety and reliability are the distinctive features of each product of the Nardi range and specifically of the concepts displayed at the fair. Features that, combined with the Italian Feeling, make Nardi a company able to keep up with the evolution of taste and the needs of increasingly demanding consumers.

The concept of smart lifestyle , through intelligent cooking, is at the center of the Nardi world, a mix of design and high technology that can be managed and monitored remotely via the smartphone. Products that communicate with each other, which are not limited to the functions for which they were designed but offer the consumer the possibility of making the kitchen a multi-purpose space.

The revolution in the kitchen is the portable SL Nardi induction hob for cooking on the move and beyond. By positioning it, wherever an outlet is available, it allows you to perfectly cook your dishes thanks to its three induction zones with Booster function and to quickly charge the smartphone through the simple support in the appropriate space.

In addition to giving life to the oven, it is possible to remotely manage the air environmental monitoring system integrated in the SL hood , a model with a positionable fireplace, for minimal and clean design and aesthetics, in any environment. The device present in the Nardi hood, and managed by the dedicated App , is able to offer monitoring of at least 16 different environmental parameters that assess the status and air quality of an area of 80m². A unique and innovative opportunity to evaluate the safety and the “state of health” of the environment in which we live.

Using the Nardi “GenerazioneZ” application downloadable on your smartphone as a command interface with wi-fi connection, you can with a simple gesture and at any time, manage and follow wherever you are preparing food during cooking in our “TFT GenerationZ “.

The digital electric oven features Touch Control, PushPush opening, 10 basic cooking functions and 10 pre-set automatic programs and offers a compact and linear aesthetic that makes it a real piece of furniture.

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