Miele new cooker hoods

Three new cooker hoods from Miele feature extraordinary design and excellent energy efficiency

“Aura 3.0”, “Triple” and “Pure”: Even their very names give an intimation that these cooker hoods do not belong to the mainstream. Rather, Miele is offering three design concepts as original as they are different – that also leave nothing to be desired in terms of performance, convenience and energy efficiency.

Aura 3.0 is designed for use above a cooking island. For the first time a Miele cooker hood has a completely round shape – which makes a visual impact just as elegant as it is surprising. The 70 cm diameter canopy in brilliant white conveys the impression of a shallow dome. The overall impression of filigree is underlined by a discreet three-part suspension bracket, the unobtrusive controls situated on the underside – and the apparent absence of an external power source. In fact the energy supply is integrated invisibly into the suspension bracket. The all-round dimmable LED ambient lighting provides an atmospheric glow – in addition to the LED hob lighting, that puts the hob activities in exactly the right level of light.

As a recirculation cooker hood the Aura 3.0 is also best suited to highly insulated buildings, in which the clean air is recirculated back into the room. First grease particles are removed by a ten-layer metal filter before the odour molecules are absorbed by the Longlife AirClean filter. The metal filters can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher as their stainless steel outer layers are permanently protected from discolouration.

The Aura 3.0 communicates with a Miele hob by means of Con@ctivity to automatically adjust extraction performance to what is happening down on the hob. The hood can also be controlled by the Miele@mobile app via smartphone or tablet. With its fan and LED lighting it achieves energy efficiency class A.

Puristic attraction in a premium kitchen

Miele is now extending its range of cooker hoods with the addition of a model with a particularly extravagant design. Three vaulted canopies made from safety glass, which appear to breezily levitate above each other, make Triple Black and Triple Grey an eye-catching feature in premium kitchens. Thanks to its compact dimensions, this hood also guarantees more headroom above the hob.

Miele is now set to cater more specifically for headroom with two new models, “Pure Black” and “Pure Grey”. Their simplified design with a slanting glass panel makes these hoods timelessly elegant focal points in prestigious kitchens. Both versions are available in widths of 80 and 90 cm and feature intuitive touch controls.

Both the Triple and the Pure hoods achieve the best energy-efficiency ratings. Both vented and recirculation mode is possible, the latter in combination with a highly effective active charcoal filter which the acting multiple test winner with the German consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest also uses on its other models. These hoods also have the Con@ctivity feature. The aptly named models Triple Black/Triple Grey and Pure Black/Pure Grey as well as handleless ArtLine built-in units are available in obsidian black and graphite grey.

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