Amica Wronki S.A. is the largest Polish manufacturer of household appliances and belongs to the group of the most modern companies. In total, almost 70% of production goes to export markets today.Amica Products meet all international standards.

Amica was founded in 1945 in Wronki, near Poznan, in Poland. In 1957 the very first gas-coal cooker was produced in Wronki. Sales in the German market were launched in 1990. Amica Wronki SA was privatized in 1994 and has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1997. With a voting majority of 57 percent and an equity share of 41 percent, Jacek Rutkowski is both principal shareholder and CEO.

A new factory for refrigerators and freezers was built in 1996, and a factory for washing machines was constructed in Wronki in 2000. Other milestones include the acquisition of the Danish company GRAM in 2001, and the establishment of Amica International GmbH in Ascheberg in 2005 .

As part of a strategic redirection, since 2010 Amica’s production has been focused on its core competency of cooking. This redirection also included sale of both the refrigerator and washing machine factories in 2010.In its two remaining plants in Wronki, Amica employs (as of 31 Dec. 2014) 1917 persons in production and 611 in administration. In 2014 the Amica Group employed 2528 staff worldwide and achieved sales totaling 484 million euros. Exports accounted for 63 percent of sales in 2014. For 2015, the Amica Group forecasts sales of over 500 million euros.
In 2014 Amica invested tens of millions of euros in improved IT structures, in-house product development, and increased production capacity for cookers and ovens.

With the four brands Amica, Hansa Appliances, GRAM and Premiere in the Amica Group, sales are concentrated in Europe. Amica is the key brand for Germany and Poland. With brand awareness of 82% percent, Amica is by far the most widely recognized home appliance brand in its home market of Poland.Production capacity is currently at around 1.5 million units per year for cookers and ovens, and 400,000 units for cooktops.




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