Candy Group  will be attending Eurocucina 2016 , confirming the strong commitment in the Kitchen market; last year, the company has faced significant investments in the renewal of the production lines of its products, further enhancing performance and efficiency. Inside the exhibition 1,200 square meters in Hall-FTK Technology for the Kitchen, Hall 9 booth A01-B04, the Group will exhibit the important innovations of its brand Candy, Hoover and Rosières, the result of significant investment in research and development, expressing the best of the values ​​of each brand.

The Candy exhibitions, Hoover Rosières and will be characterized by a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. On the one hand, therefore, they will explode all the typical values ​​of the tradition of Italian cuisine (Candy), than the French (Rosières) and the technological one (Hoover), on the other, to act as a common thread between the three brands, will leading technological innovation expressed through connectivity applied to household appliances. The three areas are distinct with different communication codes to represent the individual brand placements.

Three brands, three concepts, three stories to be told in a path between tradition and technology and innovation, for a user experience unique and memorable, await us at booth Candy Group Eurocucina where, among other things, you can admire the aesthetics at the top of the Candy Elite oven range, with double finish of chrome and satin materials.

Not only, will be proposed six new complete collections of the Hoover brand, different in style and design, from which the Wizard collection technology emerge, the only entirely composed of connected appliances, and elegant collection Vanity, made ​​of glass and steel and dedicated consumers well design .

In the preview, instead, they will be proposed new refrigerators Hoover Dynamic Next with a wooden rack shelf redesigned to save up to 5 bottles of wine and balconies with removable compartment ” beauty box ” suitable for the preservation of cosmetics, creams and medicines that need low temperatures. Small details that make the difference, anticipating industry trends: No Frost technology, electronic control Top Touch positioned on the LED light, Triple-light 3D Visionwith light from above and laterally, drawers crisper for fruit and vegetables and Fresh Zone Food perishables (meat, fish and cheese) equipped with sliding rails for opening more ergonomic and silent.

Rosières, Brand symbol of French gastronomy, in his first international, will exhibit solutions characterized by a unique design, which satisfies even the most demanding chef. If the vintage collection transforms the country into a concentrated product of new technology, the Pro cooktops optimize accuracy for single burner, while the new pyrolytic ovens are equipped with the exclusive Chef-Panel for maximum uniformity of cooking.

The Rosières Pro cooktop, previewed, stands out in particular for the winning design in black tempered glass, elegant and easy to clean. It combines the modern and powerful vertical flame burner, the tradition of cast iron, used for grids.



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