High Ace Industries Sdn Bhd,

PENANG-BASED High Ace Industries Sdn Bhd, an original equipment manufacturer of kitchen appliances, will release a new range of hobs and hoods under the brand name Livinox in July for the domestic and overseas market.

High Ace Industries managing director Lim Aun Ghee said that the company is targeting to sell 2,000 units of hobs and hoods a month with an estimated value of RM6mil.

“Half of the products will be marketed in the Asean region, while the remainder will be sold in Malaysia.

“We are targeting the new kitchen appliances for the medium- and upper-income households,” Lim said.


He said that the hobs were designed jointly with a German-based company, E.G.O.Geratebau GmbH which specialises in designing and manufacturing kitchen appliances.

“We use components made by E.G.O to assemble the hobs here.

“These hobs have safety features such as electronic controls that can cut off the supply of gas should there be any gas leaks.

“We are introducing three types of hobs into the market — gas hobs, electric hobs, and the hybrid hobs,” Lim said.

He said the company has lined up a series new generation of hobs to be launched before 2017.

He added that the company will be signing an agreement with E.G.O on June 4 to formalise the working arrangement.

Established in 1994, High Ace operates in two assembly facilities with a total built-up area of 80,000sq ft in Bukit Minyak Industrial Park, employing about 250 workers.



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