The BREEZER is a futuristic and innovative product which is looking to claim a place in people’s kitchens and living rooms.

With a name cleverly combining the words “beverage” and “freezer”, the super-fast cooler makes spontaneous plans possible with perfectly chilled drinks at the touch of a button.

The BEEZER uses innovative Rapid Air cooling technology, bringing bottles or cans to the optimum drinking temperature in a matter of minutes. The invention is the product of young, Munich-based entrepreneurs Moritz Schüller and Max Huber. The former thought up the concept during his student days, and teamed up with schoolfriend-come-co-founder Huber at the end of 2019.

The cooler stands out thanks to its patent-pending air circulation system that can reach temperatures of below -30 °C. The BEEZER takes around 10 minutes to pre-cool, before users can place beverages in the device to have them cooled at fast speed.By 2023, the company claims that the BEEZER will be the fastest air-based bottle cooler in the world. For now, it is definitely an innovative product which will be welcomed into the kitchen.

• Cools beverages at least 10 times faster than your freezer
• Enjoy spontaneously and create moments to remember
• Designed in Germany, made in Europe