Roborock first washing machine

Robot vacuum manufacturer, Roborock, has released the Roborock H1 washing machine in China. The product is a reflection of the brand’s expanding portfolio within the smart home ecosystem. The Roborock H1 washing machine uses low-temperature air circulation to dry clothes efficiently without damage to the clothesThe H1 washing machine uses an energy-saving algorithm for the drying process together with Zeo-cycle low-temperature drying. It uses warm air circulation to remove water from the fabric and prevents shrinking. The built-in algorithm automatically stops drying when the machine detects dry clothes. There are 25 washing and drying modes available with the washing machine. The Roborock H1 has a self-cleaning mechanism and the machine can be controlled via its touchscreen or the companion app.

The washing machine can handle up to 12kg of clothes and is available in either black or white variants. The machine is 34.4 inches tall and can be pre-ordered from Roborock. The Roborock H1 washing machine has a 5,999 yuan (~$874) launch price with a 100 yuan (~$15) deposit until March 20. The original price of the H1 washing machine is 7,299 yuan (~$1,063). Roborock is yet to provide availability and pricing information on the product in overseas markets.Roborock has carved a niche for itself with its array of robot vacuum cleaners available in several markets. It hopes to leverage its excellent record in the home cleaning segment of the market to market the new H1 washing machine.

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